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Train Wheels South Point Loma

Depth ~ 60'-100'
Minimum Certification : Advanced Open Water with 20 cold water dives

The Train Wheels dive site derives its name from the prominent feature found here – a set of train wheels lying on the ocean floor. Multiple sets of train wheels can be observed, and their presence in this underwater environment sparks curiosity. The origin and purpose of these train wheels remain speculative, with some suggesting they might have been used as anchors or ballast on a smaller cargo ship, while others believe they might have served as part of an exercise for Navy divers.

Regardless of their history, witnessing these train wheels amidst the underwater landscape is an intriguing sight. The juxtaposition of train wheels in an ocean setting creates a fascinating and out-of-place atmosphere. Divers exploring the Train Wheels site will undoubtedly find themselves pondering the mystery behind these unexpected artifacts while enjoying the beauty and allure of the underwater world at depths ranging from 60 to 100 feet.

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