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Final Covid Update

One final update:), 

The USCG has given us the green light to allow *vaccinated* customers to ride on the boat without masks. Basically the entire boat is outdoors so *vaccinated* individuals are able to go without masks. Obviously this will be an honor system.

We have increased the the boat capacity to 10 :) We will not be taking more than 10 for the foreseeable future. 

3 Tank trips have an opportunity to return, but that will be later this fall/winter when the days get shorter and we are no longer able to run two 2-tanks in a day. 

As of this writing, the city has not updated the guidance regarding serving food. So we will still be supplying individual snack bags. We will supply hand sanitizer, mask de-fog, tissues, and stickers as long as the supplies I have last. :) when they run out... I will think of something else fun;) 

We are also allowing one instructor to ride for free when accompanied by 4 full fare students. 

We are so excited to see all of your  faces again! We hope to see you out with us very soon!:) 


UPDATED: Covid-19 statement (as of March 19, 2020)


Dear Marissa Customers, 


I have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation. The San Diego County Office of Public Health has issued an order dis-allowing gatherings of more than 10 individuals and discouraging non-essential business operations now through March 31st, 2020. The San Diego County Office of Public Health reserves the right to extend this order.


While I believe diving is a serious part of our mental health and wellness, in the interest of social responsibility, I have decided we should postpone trips scheduled from now through March 31st, 2020. We will be offering rescheduling options to those impacted by these postponements. We appreciate you accepting these options and urge others wanting to postpone their trip to accept store credit or a rain check in lieu of a refund. We understand these are trying times for all and appreciate your support. As a small business, we and our crewmember's families rely on your support!


I truly believe that we will need socially responsible socializing and sanity breaks to make it through this. It is my hope that the Marissa can provide a much-needed respite from the daily stress of the severe isolation we may face.


In the event the order is extended and to the extent I am allowed, I will do my best to devise and implement a socially responsible strategy for diving onboard the Marissa. While this plan is still in the works, it may include, limiting our passenger load, perhaps shifting to more small private group charters, serving individually wrapped food items, and creating designated seating spaces for our customers to maintain the highest level of social distancing possible. We will, of course, continue our sanitizing efforts mentioned below. 


Together with your support, understanding, and patience Marissa Charters and its crew will weather this storm.  


Sanitizing efforts:

Washing the boat with soap and water. Wiping down surfaces with Sani-wipes (Sani-wipes will kill Viruses, Bacteria, and nearly any other pathogen on a surface within 2 minutes) before and after trips, in addition, the Sani-wipes are available for customer use. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer and hand soap so you can wash up after your dives and before eating your delicious snacks. We also have protective gloves onboard, available to you upon request. If you are renting gear, you can rest assured our rental gear is washed in a germicidal solution. 




Captain Lora Meyer

Marissa Charters
Local Call & Text: 619.757.3280
Toll-Free: 855.348.3627

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