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The morning of July 18th, 1989 marked the day when the Ruby E, a 166' United States Coast Guard Cutter, would begin her new life as an artificial reef. Built during the prohibition, she served the U.S. Coast Guard for many years.


Once decommissioned, she was sold and used as a commercial fishing vessel, and eventually as a drug runner. Ironically, she was confiscated by the U.S. Coast Guard, only to sell her again at auction. She sat derelict for several years until the owner allowed her to be sunk as the second artificial reef in Wreck Alley.


The Ruby E sank without explosives, and remarkably landed upright in the sand. She is intact and is completely covered with anemones and marine life. Although fragile, she offers some wonderful sea life.

Max Depth: ~85'

Photography above by AshUnderwater.

Ashley (a beloved former crew member) writes the complete and fascinating history of the Ruby E, as well as a photo tour, click here to visit her site

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