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Ancient Cavers Kelp Forests

Depth ~ 55'-65'

Minimum Qualifications: Open Water Certified Divers

In 2015, our local Giant kelp forests suffered a devastating blow from the warm waters of an El Niño weather pattern. The once-beautiful kelp forests sadly withered away, leaving little behind. However, amidst this ecological tragedy, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of the Ancient Caverns dive site. This location in Point Loma managed to hold onto its kelp forests, making it one of the precious few areas where the majestic kelp still thrives.

Diving into the Ancient Caverns reveals an enchanting underwater landscape, with an abundance of Giant kelp surrounding you. The dive begins at a depth of 50-55' and gradually descends to around 60-65', where sharp, overhanging ledges add an element of thrill to the experience. These deep and imposing ledges even form arches, creating an awe-inspiring passage that you can gracefully swim through.

The site's unique kelp habitat has attracted a diverse range of marine life not commonly found at our Connor's Canyon site. As you explore the Ancient Caverns, you'll encounter an array of captivating fish species. Lucky divers have been treated to sightings of the majestic seven-gill shark on several occasions, providing a thrilling encounter with this magnificent creature. Additionally, black sea bass, tree fish, kelpfish, and an assortment of other marine inhabitants call this place their home, offering an enriching and memorable dive experience.

In the face of ecological challenges, the Ancient Caverns dive site stands as a resilient oasis, showcasing the beauty and significance of preserving underwater ecosystems. As you immerse yourself in this thriving underwater haven, you'll appreciate the preciousness of marine life and the importance of safeguarding these delicate habitats for generations to come.

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