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Welcome aboard the Marissa. Let’s talk about your Scuba Dive in San Diego! Below you will find information on WHAT TO EXPECT on your trip, our cancellation policies, as well as some tips that will make your boat ride more enjoyable.  No need to thank us, (just yet anyway) we are happy to help! If you find you are in need of further help … feel free to contact us at any time. 


What we PROVIDE:


➢    AL 80 tanks with DIN/YOKE Valves 

➢    Air Fills

➢    Hard Weights 

➢    Food and Beverage

➢    Hot Tea, Coffee, or Coco

➢    Warm Packs 


If you are on a special diet, we can do our best to make sure we have food for your specialness;) Please contact us to let us know!

You will reap the benefits from our years of experience, IF you bring the following along with your dive gear, of course. Do not underestimate the importance of being able to get warm and dry. (NO, your HOT buddy’s (or boat crew’s) body-heat is not what we are talking about!). The water temperature is between 50-52 degrees; with multiple dives, getting warm between them, will make your day that much more AWESOME! 


➢    Exposure Suit: 7mm wetsuit or drysuit

➢    Dive gear (unless you are renting)   

➢    Sunscreen

➢    Dry Towels

➢    Dry Clothes

➢    Sweatshirt or jacket to keep warm

➢    Seasickness Medication

➢    Government Issued ID 

➢    Certification Card

➢    Tip for the Crew 


Trust me, if you have ANY thoughts of seasickness, you may want to try some seasickness medication (JUST DO IT!), such as Dramamine, Bonine or even Ginger.  Seasickness can ruin your dive trip (and everybody else’s) so please do your body a favor and come prepared. Dramamine comes in a "less drowsy" formula and Bonine is a less drowsy formula, (in my humble opinion) regular strength Dramamine sometimes makes a lot people too sleepy to think right the day of, better to take this one the night before.  We (as in the UNIVERSE) have found the most effective way to ward off seasickness is by taking the recommended dose the night before, then again 2 hours before the trip. But of course….it’s your call.;)

 Your crew works tirelessly to provide you with the best service money can buy … So bring a big tip! HA! Okay, seriously, tips for the crew are not included in the price of any ticket, nope not yours either… We can’t emphasize this enough: Our Crew really does work very hard to provide you the best service around. They are all highly trained, skilled and under-paid professionals. So please show your appreciation in the Tip Jar at the end of the dive. (psst…this means you should bring some cash) It is customary to tip 15-20% of the full price of a ticket; of course you are welcome to tip as much as you want :).


Fun Police:

You may have noticed a little sarcasm, satire, or joking around in this Section. That is for good reason! You are diving to have FUN and your experience should be FUN and EXCITING. Not to mention that you will be in great hands with our crew. 


We have provided these tips so you can have fun while you are on the trip. If you are freezing or seasick between dives or you forgot your sunscreen and are now lobster red; you are NOT having FUN. Since you didn’t start diving to torture yourself, follow these simple tips to having a great time on board our boat!  

What to Bring
Included / Not Included

Dive Masters/Guides NOT Provided:


Our Dive Master DOES NOT enter the water with you. It is industry standard and USCG orders in San Diego that our Dive Master/Crew must remain on board the vessel, except in the event of an emergency/urgency on the surface.


If you would like a Dive Master, please let us know, we will be happy to get you in touch with some trusted Dive Masters:)

Instructor Benefits
Instructor Benefits 

If you are an instructor, you can ride for 50% off with 4 or more full fare students. Our system will only take a $20 deposit per diver and the deposit for the instructor will be applied to the balance. 

*Click here for the Student Handout

Boarding vs Departure Times

All of the dive times listed on our website and your confirmation email are BOARDING times. Meaning the time you need to be at the boat. We depart after everyone has signed in and safety briefings have been given.   

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Waiver & Sm Print

Policies and Regs:

Dive Boat Ticket / Passes / Vouchers* (Referred to here as "Ticket(s)") 

      ➢  Dive Boat Tickets -- Dive Boat Ticket holders may register for ANY Open Charter.    

      Exclusions include:           

           ➢ Privately Chartered Trips            

           ➢ Tech / Advanced Trips (Unless otherwise specified)**

      ➢  Posted dive sites are not guaranteed.  Dive site may change due to weather, conditions or minimums, etc. 

Trip Minimums:

      ➢  Trips must meet a minimum number of passengers to run, Tickets count towards this minimum.

      Minimum Numbers:

          ➢ 2 Dive Trip -- 5 Passengers    

Trip Cancellation By Company:  

We are firmly committed to running any and all trips possible and will do everything in our power to do so. 


➢ Marissa Charters Owners / Captains reserve the right to cancel any trip for any reason, at any time, and within any time frame. 


➢ In the case of cancellation due to inclement or hazardous weather and/or sea conditions, or mechanical failure prior to a trip, a refund will automatically be applied within 3 days of the cancellation notice.

➢ No refunds, rain checks, or credits will be issued once the boat has left the dock. No Refunds or credits will be issued for individuals who encounter seasickness, gear issues,  and / or other diver misfortunes while onboard nor for trips that are ended early due to any of these reasons listed above, whether the afflicted person is the ticket holder or not.

➢ Policies, rules, and regulations are subject to change at any time, with or without posted notice.

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation by the Customer: 

All Customers are responsible for giving the required notification of cancellation via email as per our policies listed below.  In order to receive a full credit or refund, the following notification times must be observed:    

      Individual Ticket holders  - 72 hours                                                                         

             Groups of 4-8          -       7 days                                                                            

              Groups of 8+         -      15 days                                                                        

➢  Cancellations received from individuals or groups with less than the above-stated notice (must be received by the above time frame prior to the beginning of the start of the trip.) the Ticket holder or group will be charged the list price for the trip and will not be eligible for a credit, refund, or rain-check, and forfeit all charges.              

➢  If a Voucher is used the voucher will be considered used.      

 I am usually VERY understanding about cancellations beyond your control, if you are within the cancellation time frames above, please let me know, I will do my best to fill your spot. If your spot CAN be filled, I have no need to charge you!

 Small Print:

         ➢ Once Pre-sale Tickets / Passes / Vouchers are purchased, there are NO refunds, partial or prorated unless otherwise stated in this policy.**, ***

         ➢ Dive Boat Tickets / Passes / Vouchers may NOT be resold.**, ***

         ➢ Dive Boat Ticket / Passes / Vouchers NON-Transferable and may only be used by the registered diver.***             

         ➢ Dive Boat Ticket / Passes / Vouchers have NO cash value.**, ***

         ➢ Dive Boat Ticket / Passes / Vouchers may not be combined with any other offer.** 

         ➢ Policies, rules, and regulations are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. **, *** 

         ➢ The Marissa Owners / Captains reserve the right to cancel any trip for any reason. **, ***


** "Ticket / Passes / Vouchers" -- refers to any ticket purchased, whether online, over the phone, in person, or in a dive shop or establishment, whether the ticket is on sale or not.  

*** Refers to printed tickets sold at dive shops or establishments or promotional Vouchers   


All trips and charters are first come first served and may be canceled for unforeseen circumstances such as weather or any above-mentioned reason. You may check the weather yourself at the NOAA website, which provides the Official 5 day swell forecast.

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