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About Us

Our boat is a custom 40' Delta dive boat. She has a large covered deck area and she is one of the nicest dive boats in San Diego.

Here are some features of our boat that are important to divers: 

Salon with covered seating

Separate dry area for your dry gear and snacks

Large back deck with easy release tank straps

Large swim step and ladder

High-pressure air and NITROX fills (up to 3500psi)

Fill up to 40% NITROX onboard


Quarterly Air Quality Analysis, Grade: CGA-E

Our Boat
Captain Lora and Captain the Beagle

Captain Lora 


"My philosophy is simple, I enjoy diving and I want you to as well. Your experience will be fun, safe, and you will leave feeling like part of the family" ~ Captain Lora


Captain Lora has owned and operated the Marissa since 2009. Lora loves helping her customers feel like family, playing with her beloved hounds -Captain and Scout - and driving the boat! Lora has a a history as an EMT, Emergency First Responder Instructor, and she also has her Bachelors in Science with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Captain the Ambassador and Icon


Ambassador / Icon

Captain, my 11-year-old Beagle, needs very little introduction. He loves to greet customers, laps, and cozy boat coats;) He's called "Captain" because he is actually in charge! ;)


He enjoys alerting us to sea lions, dolphins, and other marine mammals. He is on board nearly every dive, and will dazzle you with his cuteness! 

Captain Chris & Dive Master

Captain Chris 

Captain/Dive Master

"I like to think of each customer as a part of my extended family and just like family, I promise to support you through thick and thin, without the awkward holiday dinners!" ~ Captain Chris

Captain Chris has been Dive Mastering on the Marissa since 2015 and is now Captaining the Marissa too! An Experienced Diver and Dive Maste, Chris has loved diving since 1996.  Chris loves working out, training his Belgian Malinois - Leo, and of course diving!  

Scout - Captains Baby Brother


Captain's Litte Brother

Sweet, Shy, Scout, is so cute to look at! Unlike his older brother, he's a little slow to warm up. He mostly likes to be ignored, but when he choses your lap, you feel super special! He also enjoys chasing his older brother! 

Captain Rod & Dive Master

Captain Rod

Captain/Dive Master

In 1995, Rod embarked on his diving journey, and from that moment, he's been utterly immersed in the underwater world. If he could sprout gills, you'd never pry him away from the depths. Ask him about it, and he'll enthusiastically share that he relishes every opportunity to dive, wherever it may be.


Becoming a certified instructor in 2001 was just the beginning. For many years, he even ran his own dive shop. Rod's passion lies in aiding others on their diving quests, witnessing their exhilaration as he leads them beneath the surface, unveiling the diverse marine life residing in our San Diego waters. He's an ardent macro life photographer, capturing not only the local underwater wonders but also venturing to exotic locales worldwide, be they bathed in warm or chilly waters.

In 2020, Rod added a captain's license to his achievements, and he delights in taking the helm of the Marissa whenever the chance arises. What he treasures most about his time aboard (apart from sharing his lunch with Scout, of course) is witnessing the sheer joy on the faces of fellow divers as they ascend the ladder and excitedly chatter about their latest underwater exploits and the wonders they've encountered.

Deep Outdoors - Robin Jacoway

Robin Jacoway

Technical Dive Master

Robin is a USCG Masters Captain, He is also the most qualified Technical instructor I have ever met.


He is certified to teach Technical Divemaster, Technical Open circuit 

& Multiple Rebreathers.


Among those he is certified to teach are: rEvo, JJ, KISS (Classic & Sport), MK 15.x, Sentinel, Drager, Inspiration & Megadolon Rebreathers

Our Crew


Directions and Map

Mission Bay Sportcenter

1010 Santa Clara Place 

San Diego, CA 92109




Once you have pulled onto Santa Clara Place – Look for the second break in the median divider and TURN LEFT NOW! ;) 


After you turn left, you will see a set of swing-sets, and a baseball field on your right, and … a parking lot! Park HERE:) Parking is free. However, we encourage carpooling ESPECIALLY in the afternoon. You see . . . being located on one of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches can attract some visitors. OK let’s face it, DROVES of visitors.  So plan accordingly, arrive early, the parking lot has a high turnover rate, so be patient something will open up soon!:) 

Working With the Best in San Diego

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Mission Bay Sportcenter
Ocean Research Group
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Friends of the Marissa
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