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Connor's Canyon Pinnacle Reef

Depth ~ 45-75ft
Minimum Qualifications: Confident Open Water Certified - Intermediate Level Divers

Welcome to Connors Canyon, a magnificent rocky reef pinnacle nestled within the depths of the Point Loma kelp forests. This dive site boasts a depth range of around 45 to 75 feet, offering an exhilarating underwater adventure for confident open water certified and intermediate level divers.

The pinnacle features a towering south end with a sheer cliff that begins at the seafloor and ascends all the way to the top. At the pinnacle's peak, lucky divers may be greeted by the majestic presence of a 5-foot giant black seabass, a magnificent sight to behold.

The tabletop of rocks and boulders that form the pinnacle is a bustling hub of activity, with schooling fish creating a mesmerizing dance among the rocky terrain. Surrounding the pinnacle are numerous canyons that channel out in various directions, adding to the allure and complexity of this underwater wonderland.

Exploring Connors Canyon reveals a world of fascinating features, including overhangs, endless nooks, and crannies, providing a thrilling and immersive dive experience. The abundance of marine life at this site makes it an underwater paradise for divers seeking to encounter vibrant sea creatures.

If you're a fan of macro photography, Connors Canyon and Chris's Rock offer a treat for your lens. In these sites, some divers have counted up to 16 different nudibranch species in a single area, presenting a golden opportunity to capture these colorful and intriguing critters on camera.

Marissa Charters recommends Connors Canyon as a fantastic underwater landscape, diverse marine life, and potential for macro photography. Whether you're a seasoned diver seeking adventure or a passionate macro photographer, Connors Canyon promises an unforgettable and rewarding dive experience.

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