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Corsair Plane Dive Site

Depth ~ 120ft
Minimum Qualifications: Advanced Level Diver with 100 recent San Diego Dives
Caution: Strong Currents - Must be able to Navigate back to the anchor!

The Corsair Plane is a recently discovered dive site, and our research into its history is still ongoing. Downed at approximately 120 feet of water, the plane's wreckage is recognizable but fragmented. Fish netting partially covers the engine and wings. The wings and cabin section lie about 20 feet behind the engine, while the fuselage is located approximately 15-20 feet behind the wings/cabin.

The wreckage is adorned with sealife, making it an exciting new addition to San Diego's diving community. For more detailed information and photos, you can refer to Brett E's comprehensive description at The photo displayed here is also provided by Brett E.

Given the strong currents in the area, divers must exercise caution and possess strong navigation skills to ensure a safe return to the anchor point. The Corsair Plane dive promises an intriguing experience for those with a passion for exploring underwater wrecks and uncovering their history.

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