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P-38 Lightning Plane Wreck

Depth ~135ft

The P-38 Lightning, found at a depth of around 135ft, encountered an unfortunate accident in 1945 while flying in formation. The plane hit the prop wash of the aircraft in front of it, leading to a collision with the ocean's surface and subsequent crash.

Measuring 37' 16" in length with a wingspan of 52', the P-38 Lightning has succumbed to the corrosive effects of saltwater over the years. Nevertheless, the wreck remains a captivating sight. The skeletal wings and body of the plane have transformed into a colorful habitat, adorned with strawberry anemones, red gorgonians, sea cucumbers, and several varieties of rockfish, sheepshead, and lingcod.

Diving to explore the P-38 Lightning wreck offers a unique opportunity to witness the remains of a historical aircraft resting on the ocean floor. The vibrant marine life that has made the wreck its home adds to the allure of this fascinating underwater site. As a technical dive, it requires proper training and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable exploration of this wonderful wreck.

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