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USS Hogan Destroyer

**USS Hogan Wreck Dive - Depth Approximately 130ft**

The USS Hogan (DD-178) was a valiant Wickes-class destroyer that served in the United States Navy during World War II. Launched on 12 April 1919 by Union Iron Works in San Francisco, California, she played a vital role in torpedo firing exercises for U.S. battleships in the Pacific. After her service, Hogan decommissioned at San Diego on 27 May 1922.

Recommissioned on 7 August 1940, the USS Hogan underwent conversion to a high-speed minesweeper, reclassified as DMS-6. Her activities included minesweeper training and patrol duties in the Caribbean and along the Eastern Coast, and she played a crucial role in the battle of Iwo Jima.

For her gallant service during World War II, the USS Hogan was honored with six battle stars. However, in November 1945, her journey came to an end when she was used as a target ship for firing tests and eventually sank.

Today, the USS Hogan wreck lies south of the Point Loma peninsula on the US-Mexican border, beckoning adventurous divers to explore her intriguing remains. Resting just far enough from San Diego's dive boats, she offers a real treat to divers seeking an extraordinary experience.

As you descend to the wreck at a depth of approximately 130 feet, you'll be greeted by an impressive sight. Covered in an array of fish, with lingcod being particularly notable, the Hogan wreck offers a lively and colorful underwater spectacle. It also serves as the home of several fascinating wolf eels, adding to the allure of this historical site.

The wreck is now in several pieces, with the bow section resting on its starboard side, and the stern sitting upright. Although much of the structure has collapsed, you can expect a rewarding 125-foot dive forward of the stern section, offering the most relief on the whole site.

During your ascent, you might even receive a visit from a playful sea lion if luck is on your side, adding a delightful touch to an already unforgettable dive.

Embark on a journey into history as you explore the USS Hogan Wreck Dive, where a remarkable underwater adventure awaits those who venture into the depths. Discover the beauty of marine life and the poignant remains of a brave vessel that once served our nation. This exceptional dive promises to leave a lasting impression and a deep appreciation for the stories hidden beneath the waves.

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