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Dive San Diego with the Best Scuba Diving Charter Boat in San Diego, California!


San Diego's Boutique Dive Boat Owned and Operated by Divers!

At Marissa Charters, we treat every scuba diver like family. Whether you're a beginner with Open Water certification or an experienced Technical diver, our knowledgeable crew and welcoming family-like atmosphere will make your dive experience truly special.


We keep our groups small, with a maximum of 10 divers per trip, ensuring uncrowded dive sites for your enjoyment. Safety is paramount to us, and our crew is extensively trained to ensure a secure scuba diving experience. 

Our crew is trained and experienced in assisting divers of all certification and comfort levels. We strive for a stress free environment and plan our trips for plenty of extra time to allow you to gear up at dive at a pace you are comfortable with. 


Choose Marissa Dive Charters for the best Scuba dive charter boat in San Diego. Dive with us and discover the beauty of the underwater world with a crew that cares about each and every customer.

Marissa Charters
San Diego Scuba Diving Services

Marissa Charters offers a Variety of Recreational and Technical Scuba Dives in San Diego. From San Diego's Wreck Alley, to San Diego's Kelp Forests and Rocky Reefs, we offer the most unique and diversified dive sites in San Diego! 

Check out detailed San Diego Dive Site descriptions

Are you a Technical Diver looking for new experiences? Discover New Technical Wrecks at Technical Depths with Marissa Charters!

Our experienced Marissa Crew excels at pinpointing wrecks and dive sites with precision. As the top-rated technical diving boat in Southern California, we offer unbeatable Advanced/Technical Dives.

Join us on 6-8 hour tech trips to explore renowned locations such as Scripps Canyon, Murray Head, P-38, F-4, USS Hogan, Missile Tower, High Seas, Cape Charles, and New wrecks we regularly uncover!

Check out our San Diego Technical Dives 


2 Tank Dives - $159-$175

3 Tank Dives - $209

What we PROVIDE:

  • Experienced and Friendly Captain and Dive Master

  •  AL 80 tanks with DIN/YOKE Valves

  • Air Fills

  • Hard/Soft Weights

  • Food and Beverage

  • Hot Tea, Coffee, or Coco

  • Warm Packs

For Nitrox certified divers who wish to use Nitrox, we have that available for $12 per fill


We Promote dive safety above all else, we encourage all of our divers to Plan their dive and dive their plan. In our book, this includes researching the dive site you are planning to dive, the dive boat you are going on, reading the dive site description provided on our San Diego Scuba Dives page or on our calendar (click the trip on the date you choose) and reading our FAQ. Please feel free to TEXT Captain Lora with any additional questions not answered here.


We do NOT provide rental gear or a guide in the cost of your ticket. We are happy to arrange a drop off and pick up service for rental gear and provide you with contact information of some of our trusted Guides.  

If you are on a special diet, we can do our best to make sure we have food for your specialness;) We offer Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten free options. Just fill in the questionnaire at the end of your checkout. 

2 Tech Dives $225-$250

While we allow technical divers to join us on any of our recreational trips, we offer special technical certified only dives a couple of times a month. We welcome tech divers, decompression divers, rebreather divers, sidemount divers and scooter divers. Additionally, we allow deco/bailout bottles necessary for your dive or practice.


HOWEVER, you must carry a valid certification for the equipment and profiles you intend to dive that day. This means that your certification must be valid and non-expired.

FOR EXAMPLE: A diver carrying a CCR MOD1 card will only be permitted to dive a no-decompression profile, regardless of his open circuit certification level.


At Marissa Charters Inc, we prioritize safety and expertise in diving, and we want to ensure that all our clients have the necessary qualifications to enjoy a safe and fulfilling diving experience with us. If you have any questions about specific certifications or equipment requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team for further clarification.

Contact Us


1010 Santa Clara Place 

San Diego, CA 92109

Text Captain Lora


Contact / Text Hours

Tues - Fri

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


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