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The Best Way to Scuba Dive San Diego!
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A San Diego dive boat owned & operated by divers!

From Open Water to Technical certified divers, you will love our knowledgeable crew and family-like atmosphere. 

Greater personal experience

Trips limited to 6-14 divers.  
Uncrowded dive sites 
Our crew has extensive dive safety training. 

Marissa Dive Charters - simply the best dive charter boat in the San Diego area.


We also offer Bay Cruises for up to 20 passengers. Please Click Here for more information.

Dive Services

All dive services can be ordered through our online sign-up form on our "Book Now" page

2 Tank Local Dive

Wreck Alley / Point Loma Kelp 

$112 (incl. taxes & fees) 

3 Tank Local Dive

Wreck Alley / Point Loma Kelp 

$124 (incl. taxes & fees)

Advanced/Tech Dives

$145-165 (incl. taxes & fees)6-8 hour tech trips 

Scripps Canyon, Murray Head, P-38, F-4

USS Hogan, Missile Tower, High Seas, Cape Charles, etc


Nitrox & Guides

$19 (incl. taxes & fees)|Nitrox Fill 

$28 (incl. taxes & fees) | Doubles Fills  


$81 / $116 (incl. taxes & fees) Guided Dive Trip

2 / 3 scheduled guided dives. Prices are per person

Rental Gear

$105 (incl. taxes & fees) | Full Set of Rental Gear:  


$29 (incl. taxes & fees) | Regulator set up w/comp

$29 (incl. taxes & fees) | BCD  

$29 (incl. taxes & fees)7mm Wetsuit/Hood/Gloves  

$  6 (incl. taxes & fees) | Booties

$  6 (incl. taxes & fees) | Mask/Snorkel 

$12 (incl. taxes & fees) | Fins 

(Included | AL 80 tanks and weights)

“Truly a first class operation I feel like part of the family on this boat. Well trained crew. Very knowledgeable of the local dive sites and proper safety procedures. This is the #1 boat in SoCal.”

Joshua Woods

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 My customers are so important to me. You have kept me in business for 10 years now and I can't thank you enough for coming back time after time:). I own and operate Marissa Charters single-handedly. I take care of the Captaining, boat maintenance, business books, customer service and everything else that comes with running a dive boat.:) Sometimes this can take ALL the hours in the day, and I would like to ask for your patience and understanding if I am delayed responding to you.:)  Psst I am pretty good at chats and texts the same day, and emails within 1-3 days, but relatively horrible at answering phone calls on time. I have provided an abundant amount of information on our website, especially our FAQ page, please explore it fully :)) Thank you so much! I can't wait to meet you on the boat!

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