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Marissa Dive Charters

The Best Way to Scuba Dive San Diego!
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A San Diego dive boat owned & operated by divers!

From Open Water to Technical certified divers, you will love our knowledgeable crew and family-like atmosphere. 

Greater personal experience

Trips limited to 10 divers.
Uncrowded dive sites 
Our crew has extensive dive safety training. 

Marissa Dive Charters - simply the best dive charter boat in the San Diego area.

Dive Services

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Our new limited load will provide a personal experience you won't forget and can't get anywhere else!

2 Tank Local Dives

Wreck Alley / Point Loma Kelp 

$149 (incl. taxes & fees) 

Advanced/Tech Dives

$190-210 (incl. taxes & fees)6-8 hour tech trips 

Scripps Canyon, Murray Head, P-38, F-4

USS Hogan, Missile Tower, High Seas, Cape Charles, etc



$12 (incl. taxes & fees)|Nitrox Fill 

$20 (incl. taxes & fees) | Doubles Fills


Guide Recommendation

 Price Determined by GuideGuided Dive Trip

 Scheduled guided dives. Prices are per person

Rental Gear Pickup/Drop Off Service

Must Request 3 days in advance 

We support other local Small Businesses and facilitate your rental gear through them. 

$45-65 (incl. taxes & fees) | Full Set of Rental Gear:  


$25 (incl. taxes & fees) | Pick up/Drop off Service Fee

(Included | AL 80 tanks and weights)

“Truly a first class operation I feel like part of the family on this boat. Well trained crew. Very knowledgeable of the local dive sites and proper safety procedures. This is the #1 boat in SoCal.”
Happy Marissa Customer - Scuba Diving San Diego

Joshua Woods

Plane Wreck

Get In Touch


 My customers are so important to me. You have kept me in business for over 12 years and I can't thank you enough for coming back time after time:). I own and operate Marissa Charters with a very small crew. Sometimes this can take ALL the hours in the day, and I would like to ask for your patience and understanding if I am delayed responding to you.:)  Psst I am pretty good at chats and texts the same day, and emails within 1-3 days, but relatively horrible at answering phone calls.

I have provided an abundant amount of information on our website, especially our FAQ page, please explore it fully :)) Thank you so much! I can't wait to meet you on the boat!

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