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Anchor Management South Point Loma

Depths ~75’-100’
Minimum Certification Requirements: Advanced Open Water with 20+ Cold water dives

Unearthed from the archives, the rarely visited Anchor Management dive site awaits your discovery. Prepare to immerse yourself in a wall adorned with funky rock structures, a plethora of nudibranchs, and the majestic presence of large sheepshead, all contributing to an unforgettable underwater adventure.

As you descend into the depths, the wall of Anchor Management reveals its captivating charm. The funky rock structures create an intriguing and enchanting underwater landscape, inviting you to explore every nook and cranny.

The site is a haven for nudibranch enthusiasts, with an abundance of these colorful sea creatures adorning the rocky terrain. Their vibrant hues and graceful movements add an artistic touch to the underwater canvas.

Large sheepshead make their regal presence known, adding to the allure of this remarkable dive site. Their elegance and grace as they navigate the rocky habitat create a mesmerizing sight for divers to behold.

Anchor Management promises an enthralling dive that you won't want to miss. From the funky rock formations to the vibrant marine life that thrives here, every moment beneath the waves is a treasure to cherish.

Prepare for an extraordinary underwater journey at Anchor Management, where a wealth of wonders lies just below the surface. This rarely visited site holds the promise of unique discoveries and an unforgettable experience for divers seeking to delve into the mysteries of the ocean.

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