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El-Rey Wreck

Depth: ~75ft - 85ft
Minimum Qualifications: Advanced Open Water Certification

The fascinating transformation of the 100' by 32' vessel from its role as a kelp harvester for Kelco to becoming the first purposefully sunk ship to artificial reef. Artificial reefs provide valuable habitat and support marine life, and this particular vessel seems to have thrived in its new role over the past three decades.

The growth of strawberry anemones, gorgonians, sea stars, nudibranchs, and fish populations on the sunken vessel indicates that it has become a thriving ecosystem. Strawberry anemones, known for their bright red coloration, are filter-feeding animals that contribute to the overall biodiversity of the reef.

Artificial reefs like this one not only offer recreational opportunities for divers and marine enthusiasts but also contribute to marine conservation efforts by providing a habitat for marine life to thrive. They are essential tools for protecting and enhancing marine biodiversity, especially in areas where natural reefs may be scarce or degraded.

The sunken vessel's transformation from a retired kelp harvester to a thriving artificial reef is a positive example of how human-made structures can be repurposed to benefit the marine environment. Such initiatives play a crucial role in supporting marine ecosystems and maintaining the delicate balance of our oceans.

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