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F-4 Phantom II Plane Wreck

Depth ~150ft
Technical Certification Required

The F-4 Phantom II jet was discovered in 1994 during a sonar search conducted to locate a downed plane carrying over $100 million in bank receipts. Dave Miller, tasked with finding the plane and its contents, came across the F-4 Phantom II, as well as the P-38 and other structures during his side scan.

It is believed that the F-4 Phantom II crashed in 1966 during military training exercises off the coast of Del Mar. The plane experienced a loss of control, leading the pilot to eject and suffer minor injuries.

For more visuals of the F-4 Phantom II wreck, you can view the video shared by Drew Wilson at [F-4 Phantom II - Video]( The footage provides an exciting glimpse into this historical underwater site.

Due to its depth of approximately 150ft, this dive requires advanced technical skills and proper equipment. Exploring the F-4 Phantom II wreck offers a unique opportunity to witness a piece of military history resting on the ocean floor.

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