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Old Ingraham Street Bridge Wreckage

Depth ~60ft

Prerequisite: Open Water Certification

Once known as the Ingraham Street Bridge, this structure met its fate in the 1990s when it was intentionally demolished and sunk in the area known as "wreck alley," becoming an artificial reef. The remnants of the bridge, including cement pillars and railing structures, now serve as an inviting habitat for marine life.

Among the captivating features of this artificial reef are the Gorgonians, commonly known as sea fans, which adorn the cement rubble. These beautiful organisms are a rare sight in our local waters, making this dive all the more special and rewarding for those who explore its depths.

Stretching along the length of Mission Beach, the field of rubble from the former bridge offers a diverse range of structures and hidden crevices that provide shelter for an array of marine species. Each area of the reef boasts its unique characteristics, promising an exciting and varied diving experience.

Diving enthusiasts can delight in encountering an abundance of marine life during their exploration of this underwater wonderland. Eels, octopi, black and white seabass, and a colorful array of reef fishes can often be spotted gracefully navigating the nooks and crannies of the artificial reef.

For those with the proper certification, the Ingraham Street Bridge Artificial Reef promises an unforgettable underwater adventure filled with beauty, diversity, and the thrill of encountering unique marine inhabitants.

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