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NOSC Tower Wreck

Depth ~60ft

Prerequisite: Open Water Certification

The NOSC Tower, originally a weather and lab station constructed in 1959, had a lifespan that endured until a storm in January 1988 brought about its demise. During this tempest, the tower was knocked over, causing the labs that once stood 50 feet above the water to vanish into the sea. The fall of the tower resulted in a twisted wreck, breaking into fragments and scattering debris beneath the waves.

The pilings that had provided support to the structure since its inception in 1959 are now submerged underwater and teeming with life. The fallen wreckage has become a vibrant ecosystem adorned with a plethora of invertebrates and astonishingly large cowrie shells, making it a captivating sight for divers.

For those seeking to enhance their diving skills, the NOSC Tower Wreck offers an excellent opportunity to practice penetration techniques. Though there is no true overhead environment, the maze-like configuration of the structure allows divers to weave in and out, simulating the experience of navigating through confined spaces.

The thriving marine life around the wreck adds to its allure. Lobsters, horned sharks, sheepshead, Black Sea bass, and white sea bass are among the various fish species you may encounter during your dive. Each encounter with these fascinating creatures contributes to the excitement and wonder of exploring this underwater realm.

Diving the NOSC Tower Wreck provides an enthralling experience, blending history, nature, and the challenge of honing your diving abilities. As you descend to its depths, you'll be immersed in a world that echoes the past while showcasing the resilience and beauty of marine life that now calls this sunken relic home.

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