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Pontoon Causeway Dive Site

Depth ~ 130ft

Minimum Qualifications: Advanced Level Diver with 100 recent San Diego Dives

Caution: Strong Currents - Near Main Shipping Lane - Must be able to Navigate back to the anchor!

Pontoon Causeway is a recently discovered dive site, suitable for advanced divers with at least 100 recent dives in San Diego. The site lies at a depth of approximately 130ft and requires strong current management due to its proximity to the main shipping lane. Divers must possess navigation skills to return to the anchor safely.

The dive begins at about 131ft, leading to a 30'x100' (approximate) rectangle-shaped barge structure at 125ft depth. The barge stands about 5 feet tall and contains small splits that serve as shelter for lobsters, fish, and other marine life.

The surrounding sandy seabed features scattered rocks with schools of fish. Plant life is limited around the area, but the barge itself displays nudibranchs, gorgonians, and coral formations.

Pontoon Causeway offers an excellent opportunity for a deep specialty dive, providing divers with a technical and intriguing underwater experience.

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