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Puzzle Piece Wall

Depth ~88-110ft
Minimum Qualifications: Advanced Open Water Certification

Welcome to the enigmatic and newly discovered Puzzle Piece Wall, also known as Jigsaw Wall - a breathtaking and secretive dive site. As you venture into the depths, you'll be captivated by the peculiar shapes and table-top-like structures, almost reminiscent of coral heads. The origin of these formations remains a mystery - are they natural wonders, the work of human hands, or even remnants of an ancient alien civilization? The answer lies in your imagination.

The base of the wall begins at an awe-inspiring depth of 116 feet and extends even further. As you ascend the wall, you'll encounter the heart of the action, where most of the intriguing formations lie, averaging between 85 to 90 feet. Despite the depth, visibility is usually quite good, especially beyond the first 40 feet, offering an enchanting view of the underwater realm.

The Puzzle Piece Wall is a true haven for nudibranch enthusiasts, hosting an array of unique species of these captivating creatures. Alongside them, a diverse community of invertebrates and fish thrives in this remarkable habitat. The allure of this dive site lies not only in its mystique but also in the abundance of marine life that calls it home.

As you explore the depths of the Puzzle Piece Wall, you'll embark on an adventure that awakens your sense of wonder and curiosity. The charm of this underwater world lies in its uncharted nature, inviting you to imagine the possibilities and immerse yourself in the beauty of the unknown.

Dive into the Puzzle Piece Wall, embrace the mystery, and revel in the fascinating marine life that inhabits this hidden gem beneath the waves. An unforgettable experience awaits those who venture into its depths, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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