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Rocky Reefs | Kelp Forests | Point Loma 
La Jolla 
Scuba Dives in San Diego

Let Marissa Charters take you on an exciting underwater adventure as we Scuba Dive San Diego's coastline. Scuba Dive rocky reefs and giant kelp forests along Point Loma and La Jolla, San Diego. The Point Loma peninsula offers a dive for every level of scuba diver, with its diverse bathymetry ranging from gently sloping sand to giant boulders and sheer wall faces. Dive depths range from 25' to 120', ensuring there's a perfect site for everyone. Prepare to be awe-struck as you encounter breathtaking ledges adorned with a beautiful blanket of nudibranchs. This mesmerizing spectacle features over 20 different species of these fascinating creatures, making it a diver's dream come true. But that's not all! Point Loma's underwater world is teeming with an array of captivating marine creatures. The sheer abundance of marine life will leave you amazed and wanting more. Speaking of nudibranchs, be on the lookout for a stunning variety, such as the Spanish shawl, San Diego dorid, McDonalds, Cockerells, Sea Lemon, Salt & Pepper, Leopard, Opalescents, Clown, Trilinia, Tricolor, White Spotted, White Spotted Sea Goddess, Porters, Sterns, Price, Festiva, Orange Spike, Spaldingi, Limbaugh Cadlina, Yellow-spotted Cadlina, Hudson's Horned, and Spotted Triopha.  But wait, there's even more to discover! Get ready to encounter an exciting array of fish life, including Rosy Rockfish, Honeycomb Rockfish, Gopher Rockfish, Treefish, Copper Rockfish, Bluebanded Ronquil, Painted Greenling, Pile Perch, Yellowfin Fringehead, Kelp Bass, Blackeye Goby, Bluebanded Goby, Garibaldi, Blacksmith, Black Perch Rubberlip Seaperch, and California Sheephead. We can only scratch the surface with this description; the wonders of Point Loma's underwater world are best experienced firsthand. So, dive in and immerse yourself in this underwater paradise!

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