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An Abalone of a Day

Captain's Log - Dive Boat "Marissa"

Date: August 15, 2023

Crew: Captain/DM Lora, Captain/DM Chris,

Captain (the original) & Scout (first mate)

Group: NOAA Abalone Researchers

Weather Conditions: Sunny!! Calm seas, 5-12 knots wind

Location: Point Loma

Surface Current: Mild

Underwater Visibility: 20-30 feet with a surface murk layer

Underwater Temperature: 52-53°F

Surface Temperature: 69°F


Yesterday's expedition aboard the "Marissa" was led by a dedicated team of NOAA Abalone Researchers, who double as skilled divers. The day greeted us with favorable weather, with the SUN finally making her debut, calm seas and a gentle 5-12 knots breeze accompanied our journey along Point Loma.

The team consisted of 10 divers, along with an enthusiastic intern, totaling 11 crew members, eagerly set out to conduct surveys along Point Loma.

Underwater conditions proved to be promising, with visibility ranging from 20 to 30 feet, despite a slight murk layer near the surface. The water temperature below was recorded between 52 and 53°F, while the surface boasted a warmer 69°F.

Our divers/researchers meticulously explored two specific locations along Point Loma's shore. The survey yielded exciting results, and they encountered the super fun Lions mane nudibranch (Melibe leonina). Moreover, the team observed promising signs of newly sprouting Pelagophycus with some Macrocystis mixed in (Elk kelp and Giant kelp). These discoveries sparked hope for the potential return of kelp beds in the area, a positive sign for the ecosystem.

Throughout the expedition, the divers-researchers displayed unwavering dedication to their work, their passion for understanding and preserving our oceanic ecosystems shining through every moment.

See you on our next adventure!

~Captain Lora

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