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Lighting up the HMCS Yukon

Sunday, June 30th, 2024 - HMCS Yukon Dive

Last Sunday, we made a seemingly normal run to the HMCS Yukon. We had a great group of regulars on the boat and one special guest, Brett Eldridge. He is working on a never-before-practiced form of photogrammetry where (as I understand it) he lights up the subject of his model before taking photos, giving the 3D model another dynamic. You will have to subscribe to his blog to see the final product:

Our divers were so stoked to see Brett in action; they caught his setup on camera. I have to say, installing underwater lights on the HMCS Yukon should definitely be a goal of ours! Haha. The Yukon lit up from below was such an amazing sight.

Sunday's calm 1-2' swells were a welcome delight, and although the visibility has been a lot better and even super clear this past week, Sunday's visibility was a bit less—a green/murky 20'+ of visibility. Not bad, all things considered! Calm seas should carry us through this July 4th weekend, and I am sure more awesome visibility is in store for us.

Sneak peeks of Brett's @secondelementdiving work can only be found on our blog :)

Thank you, Oleg @Olegbvb and Brian @brianwebsterr, for allowing me to post your videos of our dive.

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