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Our Crew

Captain Lora
Captain Lora - Scuba Diving San Diego

Marissa Operations Manager, Captain, Divemaster, & EMT trained


"My philosophy is simple, I enjoy diving and I want you to as well. Your experience will be fun, safe, and friendly; no matter what the ocean throws at us, we can still have a great time!" ~ Captain Lora


  All of the Marissa crew are highly trained professionals and customer service oriented, with exceptional values of excellence. Every member of the on-board crew are Captains, Divemasters (or both) and most have higher medical training and rescue experience!  When you dive with The Marissa you can feel assured that you are in good hands.


The Marissa sets the bar for a safe, clean and comfortable environment. This, coupled with our excellent attention to customer service, creates an overall experience that you will want to repeat again and again. 


We enjoy the classic San Diego dive sites, such as Wreck Alley and the Point Loma and La Jolla Kelp Forests, but we are always exploring new ones.  We even 're-found' the Lazy Days, a wreck that had been lost since the 1970's, and the Shooter's Fantasy, which was lost since the 1980's.  


  Lora has been diving for 10 years now and has been on boats her entire life. Lora is EMT Trained and Trained as an Emergency First Responder Instructor, and she also has her Bachelors in Science with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Captain the Beagle - Scuba Diving San Diego

Captain is a 6-year-old Beagle and needs very little introduction. He loves to greet customers, laps, and cozy boat coats;) He's called "Captain" because he is the one who is really in charge! ;)


He enjoys alerting us to sea lions, dolphins, and other marine mammals. He is on board every dive, and will dazzle you with his cuteness! 

Captain the Beagle - Scuba Diving San Diego
Captain the Beagle - Scuba Diving San Diego
Dive Master Chris

Dive Master Chris is an Experienced Diver and Dive Master.  Chris has been with Marissa Charters for years now. He loves helping customers, talking about diving and of course diving!! Chris loves getting in the water and never hesitates to assist divers.

Captain Robin 
Captain Robin - Scuba Diving San Diego

Robin is a USCG Masters Captain, He is also the most qualified Technical instructor I have ever met.


He is certified to teach Technical Divemaster, Technical Open circuit 

& Multiple Rebreathers.


Among those he is certified to teach are: rEvo, JJ, KISS (Classic & Sport), MK 15.x, Sentinel, Drager, Inspiration & Megadolon Rebreathers

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