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Finally San Diego Weather!

Captain's Log: November 7-14, 2023

Scuba Diving Boat: Marissa Charters

Location: San Diego, Puzzle Pieces Wall, Strawberry Ledges, Chris's Rock, HMCS Yukon, El Rey Kelp harvester, NOAA scientific diving, and more in Wreck Alley.

Weather: Picture-perfect surface conditions, glassy seas, calm winds

Dive Conditions: Optimal 20-30 feet underwater visibility, slight-moderate current, clearer in the morning hours with a dramatic low tide washing some clouding conditions our way towards the afternoon.

This week unfolded as a welcome change in weather for our San Diego scuba diving tours and marked the first week that felt like San Diego all year! As you all know the weather has been a bear for scuba diving tours in San Diego.

This week we navigated tranquil seas, while our enthusiastic customers explored the underwater wonders of Puzzle Pieces Wall, Strawberry Ledges, Chris's Rock, HMCS Yukon, El Rey Kelp harvester, NOAA scientific diving, and more in Wreck Alley.

Our divers, always captivated by the historical significance of HMCS Yukon, experienced better-than-average visibility as they delved into the depths. The wreck, adorned in marine life, stood out as a highlight, illuminated by the 20 to 30 feet underwater visibility that added a new dimension to the exploration.

Friday brought a twist with a small group engaging in super fun rebreather games at the HMCS Yukon. Thank you Brett @

Saturday was a super fun day, shared with our current dive family, with the added pleasure of welcoming new divers into the Marissa fold. Special thanks to all Veterans, and a shoutout to one of our divers and service members who runs AdventureTeamDivers, offering dive-related PVC/Velcro patches.

Sunday marked double celebrations with cupcakes and singing, wishing Jonna and Jamie a Happy Birthday. It was a week to remember both beneath the surface and on deck.

Tuesday involved tending to the endangered white abalone with our skilled NOAA dive team. Great to reconnect with you all!

Adding to the overall ambiance, our loyal companions, Captain and Scout, accompanied us, becoming an integral part of the Marissa Charters experience.

As we conclude this week's log, anticipation lingers for more scuba diving adventures in San Diego's rich underwater landscape. The blend of wreck exploration, scientific diving, and the camaraderie among our fantastic customers ensures each trip is a unique and rewarding experience.

Signing off for now,

Captain Lora

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