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The HMCS Yukon is a 366' Canadian Mackenzie class Destroyer. She was sunk in Wreck Alley off of Mission Beach, San Diego CA. Divers from all over the world come to dive the Yukon. Sunk as an artificial reef in June of 2000, the HMCS Yukon rests in about 100’ of water with her deck between 65'-75’. She sank without warning, just before the planned sinking was to occur. Her unplanned descent to the sea floor landed her on the port side. Large cutouts initially, set up for divers to penetrate safely, have created some interesting and challenging penetration. The HMCS Yukon is an advanced dive, therefore, penetration is not recommended unless you are trained and certified to do so. The HMCS Yukon takes many dives to become well acquainted with her layout and structure. Sea life is abundant on this wreck, blanketed with large white plume sea anemones called Metridiums (pictured right). On the wreck, you may encounter sea lions, harbor seals, rockfish, and several species of perch, and bass. She also has rockfish, ling cod, large sheep crabs, thorny sea cucumbers, and much more hidden among her structure. As you descend you will see the characteristic black smith and señorita fish. One thing is for will not be disappointed scuba diving the HCMS Yukon.

HMCS Yukon Max Depth: ~105'


Photography by AshUnderwater.


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