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A Splashing 4th of July Week!

Our 4th of July week started on July 3rd with a super light dive trip and ended with a bang on July 7th with an entire boat of Custo-friends—customers who have been returning again and again for the last 15 years we can only call them our friends! We started on the wrecks with an entirely random boat all from Seattle Washington, then celebrared the fourth with Brett lighting up the Ruby E this time and ended in the Point Loma Kelp forests looking at seven-gill's, tope SHARKS, and of course TONS of NUDIBRANCHS!

The week wasn't without a little pushback. On Saturday morning, the "3 ft swells" were NOT the "3 ft swells" of Thursday (<1ft and glass) and Friday (slightly bumpy but still great), but more like 3 ft wind waves on top of a 2 ft swell. By the time we were heading back, the sun was shining, and we were lucky enough to see a bunch of sharks and have a smooth, glassy ride back in! Callie Mack photographed a beautiful proliferating anemone and a cool California spiny lobster.

Sunday did not disappoint with 1-2 ft swells, 20-25 ft of visibility, and a balmy 54°F water temperature. ;-) Sunday's final dive was at our new site called Phantom Ship and was one at of great awe as we got to see and photograph (thank you @Cory.Briggs) a rare golden sea spider and a sea snail (ovulid or false cowrie) known as Vidler’s Simnia (shown in the slideshow below). @Thamar_fishyphoto photographed a furry hermit crab (Paguristes ulreyi)—teeheehee, yes, FURRY!—and a Tritonia festiva! Perfect for our Fourth of July week festivities.

Haha, all in all, a SUPER weekend! Thank you to all my wonderful customers for making such a spectacular weekend :)

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