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Missile Tower
USSHogan by Brett Eldridge
Barge Model by Brett Eldriege
Corsair model by Brett Eldridge
P38 Model by Brett Eldridge
tyler Stalter p38 Solana Beach Brett eldridge.tif

Many Technical Dives


Step aboard Marissa Charters, the ultimate dive boat for technical divers in San Diego. Our vessel is known for its constant pursuit of new wrecks and its expert skill in dropping directly onto dive sites. Led by Captain Lora Meyer, Marissa Charters offers an unforgettable diving experience.


Equipped with advanced sonar, mapping systems, and our expert research and dive Team, with Brett Eldridge and Tyler Stalter,  the Marissa Charters crew can pinpoint previously undiscovered wrecks and dive sites, ensuring each expedition is a thrilling adventure into the depths. Technical divers will appreciate the precision drops onto dive sites, maximizing their time underwater and enhancing their overall dive experience.


The boat's decks and amenities cater to the specific needs of technical divers, providing ample storage for equipment and gas fills. The crew prioritizes safety and offers guidance and assistance throughout the dives, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey.


If you're a technical diver seeking to explore new wrecks and breathtaking dive sites, Marissa Charters is the perfect choice. Embark on an extraordinary underwater journey and discover the hidden treasures beneath San Diego's waves.

USS Hogan By Brett Eldridge
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