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Wreck Alley Dive Sites - San Diego 




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Scuba Dive San Diego NOSC Tower by Ash Underwater Wreck Alley San Diego
Scuba Dive San Diego El Rey in Wreck Alley San Diego

El Rey



Scuba Dive San Diego Old Ingraham Street Bridge Wreck Alley

Join Marissa Charters and embark on an exciting scuba dive tour in Wreck Alley, San Diego! This renowned dive location boasts multiple large shipwrecks, intentionally placed reefs, and an intriguing wrecked weather station building. Uncover the secrets of the deep, as you encounter iconic sites such as the renowned Mackenzie Class HMCS Yukon and the hauntingly beautiful USCGC Ruby-E. Rest assured, Wreck Alley promises an unforgettable diving adventure that will exceed all expectations. Join us now and dive into the wonders of Wreck Alley!

Point Loma Rocky Reefs & Kelp Forests (3-5 miles)

Let Marissa Charters take you on an exciting underwater adventure as we explore the rocky reefs and giant kelp forests along Point Loma, San Diego. The peninsula offers a dive for every level of scuba diver, with its diverse bathymetry ranging from gently sloping sand to giant boulders and sheer wall faces. Dive depths range from 25' to 120', ensuring there's a perfect site for everyone. Prepare to be awe-struck as you encounter breathtaking ledges adorned with a beautiful blanket of nudibranchs. This mesmerizing spectacle features over 20 different species of these fascinating creatures, making it a diver's dream come true. But that's not all! Point Loma's underwater world is teeming with an array of captivating marine creatures. The sheer abundance of marine life will leave you amazed and wanting more. Speaking of nudibranchs, be on the lookout for a stunning variety, such as the Spanish shawl, San Diego dorid, McDonalds, Cockerells, Sea Lemon, Salt & Pepper, Leopard, Opalescents, Clown, Trilinia, Tricolor, White Spotted, White Spotted Sea Goddess, Porters, Sterns, Price, Festiva, Orange Spike, Spaldingi, Limbaugh Cadlina, Yellow-spotted Cadlina, Hudson's Horned, and Spotted Triopha.  But wait, there's even more to discover! Get ready to encounter an exciting array of fish life, including Rosy Rockfish, Honeycomb Rockfish, Gopher Rockfish, Treefish, Copper Rockfish, Bluebanded Ronquil, Painted Greenling, Pile Perch, Yellowfin Fringehead, Kelp Bass, Blackeye Goby, Bluebanded Goby, Garibaldi, Blacksmith, Black Perch Rubberlip Seaperch, and California Sheephead. We can only scratch the surface with this description; the wonders of Point Loma's underwater world are best experienced firsthand. So, dive in and immerse yourself in this underwater paradise!

La Jolla & South Point Loma(5-7miles)


La Jolla / South Point Loma (5-7miles)Welcome to the extraordinary underwater realm of La Jolla, a scuba diver's paradise nestled within a flourishing marine reserve! Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure as we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden treasures of this breathtaking location. La Jolla's pristine waters are teeming with life, making it a haven for a mesmerizing array of marine creatures. Swim alongside schools of vibrant fish, encounter graceful sharks, and witness the playful antics of marine mammals that call this sanctuary home. You'll also be captivated by the stunning diversity of invertebrates, adding an extra touch of wonder to your underwater escapades. Our scuba diving charter boat offers you exclusive access to some of the most elusive and secluded sites in La Jolla. Only accessible by boat, these extraordinary locations promise to take your diving experience to new heights. You'll find yourself immersed in an underwater wonderland that few have had the privilege to explore. Venturing to South Point Loma, you'll be thrilled to discover a range of dives suitable for both intermediate and advanced divers. Marvel at the awe-inspiring sheer rock walls, navigate through enchanting canyons, and explore hidden treasures like the mysterious train wheels that lie beneath the surface. With each dive, you'll be treated to a visual feast of underwater landscapes that will leave you in awe. Whether you're a seasoned local diver or a curious tourist seeking an unforgettable experience, La Jolla's allure will enchant and Point Loma's mystique delight you. Join us aboard our scuba diving charter as we unlock the secrets of this coastal gem and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss the opportunity to explore these unique and unparalleled underwater wonders with our dedicated team of experts. Let's dive into the magic together!

California sea lion Scuba Dive San Diego
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